About me

I’m a freelance photographer, based near Cirencester in the Cotswolds.

I photograph the landscape and also shoot commercial projects ranging from country estates to products in the studio.

I also design, build and illustrate websites, particularly working with small business owners taking their first steps online.  Go to www.timetogetonline.co.uk for the details.

Landscape Photography

I’ve been photographing the landscape for many years, starting out using medium format film (mostly Velvia), but now shoot everything digitally

For ‘serious’ landscape work – I use my trusty Hasselblad 503 with a Phase One P45 digital back. There is usually a CFI 40mm wide angle lens on the front. Support is provided by a Gitzo carbon fibre tripod.

Commercial Photography

I take on a wide range of commercial assignments from outdoor work – building projects, landscape gardens and estates etc – to studio work, which is most often photographing products and smaller objects. The only work I don’t do is weddings!

Much of the commercial work I’ve done recently has been to illustrate company websites, or to provide images for retail websites and online catalogues.

Website Design, Build & Photography

It occurred to me that the most important element that makes a website stand out is the quality of the images. The design and technical implementation are both important but what really makes a website work is the quality and style of the pictures.

So, I’ve launched Time To Get Online – an integrated web design, build and photography service to help businesses establish and improve their online presence.